Bachelor of Architecture (Industrial Design)

About Bachelor of Design in Industrial Design degree of Khon Kaen University

The program Bachelor of Design in Industrial Design produces graduates who are creative and rational with wide knowledge in various fields such as society, science, and technology. Students will have the opportunity to learn how to be skilled in design, production; and managing business to meet the needs of the country: growing economy and industry by following the objectives of the program as follows:

1. Have a good attitude toward the value of art and craft, culture, and local wisdom of the Northeast; and be able to develop handicrafts and folk wisdom to keep pace with age and technological evolution;

2. Be potential in research, and in industrial design and handicraft product development;

3. Be able to apply science of design to preserve art and culture; and restore local wisdom of Thai society and the nation;

4. Be replete with morals and professional ethics, and have a vision of sustainable development.

Degree: B.Des. (Industrial Design)

Whole Credits:149 credits

Bachelor of Design Programs

Major Courses

- Interior  Design

- Product Design : Ceramics  Design, Furniture Design, Textiles Design

- Graphic & Multimedia Design

Career Opportunities:

Furniture designer, ceramic designers, textile designer, graphic designer, cartoonist, product developer, product‐design entrepreneur, freelance designer