Faculty Directory – Urban Planning

 porn Asst. Prof. Pornnarong Charnnuwong, Ph.D.
E-mail : porncha@kku.ac.th
Grauduate : Ph.D.(Social Economy), Universite Toulouse2-Le Mirail (UT2), Toulouse, France
Specialization : Urban Planning, Water Color Paint, Architecture Design
 top Thammawat  Intachakra
E-mail : thaint@kku.ac.th
Graduate : Certificat d' Etudes Approfondies en Architecture,  Ecole d'Architecture de Paris la Villette, Fance
Specialization : Urban Planning, GIS
 rawee Assoc. Prof. Rawee Hanpachern, Ph.D.
E-mail : rawhan@kku.ac.th
Graduate : Ph.D.(Regional and Urban Planning), Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
Specialization : Regional and Urban Planning, Eco-City Design, Landscape Design
 ajpu Asst. Prof. Monsicha Bejrananda, Ph.D.
E-mail : monbej@kku.ac.th
Graduate : Ph.D.(Land Use Planning Management and Design), Texas Tech University, USA
Specialization : Urban and Regional Planning, Community Planning and Design, Land Use Planning
 koi Sukanya Prommanart
E-mail : sukpro1@kku.ac.th
Graduate : Master of Urban Planning (Urban Planning), McGill University, Canada
Specialization : Regional and Urban Planning, GIS
 nut Nayatat  Tonmitr, Ph.D.
E-mail : nayatat@kku.ac.th
Graduate : Ph.D.(Architecture), University of the Ryukyus, Japan
Specialization : Sustainable Architecture and Sustainable Design, Sustainable Strategies, Sustainable Low-income Habitation, Sustainable Low-cost Housing , Sustainable Community Architecture and Urban Design, Japanese Architecture, Vernacular and Contemporary Architecture and Material Utilization, Sustainable Environmental Design, Environmentally Sustainable Architecture and Design, Sustainable Urban Planning and Design.
 aj-nung Asst. Prof. Kitapatr  Dhabhalabutr, Ph.D.
E-mail : tyutha@kku.ac.th
Graduate : Architecture and Planning / The University of Melbourne
Specialization : Low-cost Housing
 pee Asst.Prof. Preenithi Aksorn, Ph.D.
E-mail : preenithi@kku.ac.th
Graduate : D.Eng.(Construction Engineering and Infrastructure Management), AIT, Thailand
Specialization : Structural Engineering, Construction Management
  Pattamaporn Wongwiriya, Ph.D.
E-mail : pattamawong@kku.ac.th
Graduate : Doctor of Engineering (Urban Innovation) จาก Yokohama National University, Japan
Specialization : Urban Innovation, Urban and Regional Planning