The Faculty of Architecture was established in 1988 in order to extend and intensify students to become qualified architects up to international standards. The Faculty’s main goal is to produce graduates distinctive with well-balanced knowledge, morals and wisdom. The Faculty has outstanding academic positions in architecture, industrial design, and urban and regional planning. The institute is to be intellectual in architectural fields in the Northeast of Thailand and the Mekong region.
To meet a full range of student needs, The Faculty is now fully equipped with academic resources; a number of good international books and references, computing facilities, and industrial and architectural workshops. Apart from qualified in-house teaching staff, the department has regularly visiting professors with their valued experience and/or academic recognition from all over the country and from oversea. The graduates from the Faculty can provide services to the community and support the cultural heritage of the region. This forms well-balanced and long-lasting development of the Northeast and the nation. The competence of the graduates will also leads to national and international recognition