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Master of Architecture in Building Technology


The main goal of Master of Architecture in Building Technology is to provide graduate education focusing on the research and applied design. Our missions is to provide higher education for understanding building technology issues and pursue new knowledge to appropriately serve needs in building problems with in the local and regional context. The graduates of the program will be able to serve building technology industry as architect engineer and academic positions with their knowledge and critical thinking skills.

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Master of Architecture Program in Industrial Design

Faculty of Architecture, Khon Kaen University

The Master of Architecture (Industrial Design)

[M.Arch. (Industrial Design)]


Graduation Requirements

Students must complete at least 36 credit hours with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better. Curriculum Structure Master of Architecture Programs Plan A Type A1, Plan A Type A2 and Plan B

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Bachelor of Architecture Program


Bachelor of Architecture program (Revised 2012) aims to produce graduates with knowledge in the field of architecture who are ready for the professional practice and able to develop the learning process to apply it in the practice with changes in the future. Furthermore, students will be trained their skills and provided experiences in architecture to be ready for their future works. The program intends to produce graduates who have virtue, morality, and ethics in both their living and working; and understand the situation of the world also the societies that is diverse and constantly changing. The graduates from the program will be able to integrate knowledge and sciences involved in the architectural creative process that is sustainably consistent with locality; and will be desired by the societies and the current job markets.

Program Curriculum and Structure

1) General Studies Courses 30 Credits
2) Specific Courses 144 Credits
3) Elective Courses 6 Credits
Total Required Credits 180 Credits

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